High Flow Security Filter

Release Time: 2024-03-06
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High flow security filter is also known as large flux security filter, which is suitable for ultrafiltration reverse osmosis and other water treatment equipment. The high flow security filter applies a high flow rate cartridge that can remove all kinds of solid particle contaminants in the fluid.


The high flow security filter adopts special design, the flow rate of single filter element is 30T/H, and only a small number of filter elements are needed to meet your flow requirements, which greatly reduces the external dimension of the filter. In this way, the cost we need to invest will be lower, more economical investment.


The compact system design of the security high flow filter can save the factory production time and shorten the precious time of customers’ waiting. Compared with the conventional PP cotton cartridge, it has multiple filtration area, which is more convenient for customers to replace the cartridge by themselves.


High-flow security cartridges have greater than 50% openings with straight-through construction, which can be a combination of high flow rate and low differential pressure. This combination greatly reduces the overall size and weight, large diameter and relatively high flow rate. And when the filter is out of service, only one person is needed to clean and maintain it, super easy to operate.


If you have the need of filters, you can send the information to us. We will arrange professional personnel to serve you and confirm your requirements, and also support customized drawing and customized processing.