Understanding Air Filter Storage

Release Time: 2024-03-13
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Air filter installations and replacement installations should be carried out in a clean and tidy, dust-free environment. The air conditioning system fan needs to stop using the fan machine. When the resistance of the air filter reaches 2-3 times the initial resistance (with the installation of a differential pressure meter) or when the system air volume is significantly reduced (without a differential pressure meter), the air filter should be protected or replaced.


First of all the high efficiency air filter media is fiberglass paper, which is not capable of being cleaned. How should the high-efficiency air filter device be used? Air filters need to be installed as soon as possible after opening the package to prevent pollution from long-term exposure to the air. Filter before the device, the static pressure box or air supply pipe must be completely scrubbed clean around the inner wall to ensure cleanliness before the device.


After we open the filter package, we should first pass through our eyes to observe once again the filter has no damage, no damage in the device to continue. When installing the device, the arrow on the filter label should be consistent with the direction of airflow, and need to pay attention to whether the sealing between the filter and the device structure is intact. When installing the filter side air supply, the pleated line of the filter material should be straight in the horizontal direction.

The place where the high-efficiency filter is stored should be an environment with small temperature and humidity difference, clean, dry and outstanding ventilation system. When the filter is stored, the pleats of the filter material should be vertical on the ground, and the height of the pile should not exceed three units or the total height of not more than 2 meters. Long-term unused filters should be turned over 180° after 6 months of storage and continue to be stored.


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