Mobile Fume Bag house Equipment Products

Release Time: 2024-02-28
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Henan MANGO Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to producing mobile soot bag filter. The chamber of the mobile bag filter is generally made of strong carbon steel welded. The thickness of the plate used to make the pulse dust collector can be 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and many different sizes to meet different pressure strength. Each customer’s needs are different and so are the raw materials used.

Bag pulse dust collector box sealing performance is particularly good, the structure is very simple, the filter bag is easy to install, pulse dust collector using the upper part of the bag extraction. We just need to pull out the skeleton, the dirty bag into the grey hopper, there are into the hole to take out, at the same time in the installation of the new filter bag. After a simple operation, it is installed, is not it very simple?


Here is a brief introduction to the basic structure of the pulse bag filter. The basic structure of pulse dust collector consists of three parts: fan, filter and dust collector, and each part is installed in a vertical frame. Meanwhile, the outer packaging is steel plate shell, hard and durable; baking paint to prevent rust, reliable operation, easy to use.


Pulse spray single dust collector fan it is used centrifugal fan, this kind of centrifugal fan has large air volume and high air pressure; and it adopts anechoic measures, the noise is especially small. This filter adopts flat cloth bag group, and each cloth bag is equipped with spring steel wire mesh, which has good filtering effect. The dust-cleaning mechanism adopts the motor to drive the eccentric wheel and connecting rod to make the cloth bag shake and remove the dust stained on the surface of the filter bag. And the pulse-jet single dust collector is equipped with an access door, which is convenient for overhauling and bag changing.


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