Learn About Hydraulic Systems Filters

Release Time: 2024-04-10
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Hydraulic oil filters are mainly installed and used in hydraulic equipment systems, such as suction oil lines, pressure oil lines, oil return lines, bypasses and some independent filter systems.

The first type of oil suction filter is used to protect the hydraulic components of the system and prevent accessories from being damaged by contaminant particles. However, the hydraulic oil filter element also increases the oil suction resistance of the pump, so we must choose one with large flow capacity, high filtration efficiency, large dirt holding capacity, and small pressure loss. Filtration equipment has different styles of mesh type and line gap type filters. The accuracy of the filter is generally 80-200μ0m, which can meet the needs of daily equipment work.


We have more products, the next one is the oil return line filter. Its purpose is to filter the oil in the hydraulic system before returning it to the tank, and to ensure that the oil in the tank is clean. The filtration precision of the hydraulic oil filter element is generally 10-50μm. In this filtration method, the filter may be clogged with dirt, which may further block the hydraulic components of the system.

We should try our best to use high-flow filters, and check and replace the filter elements periodically to ensure a longer life of the filter. If you have any questions that you don’t understand, you can send us a message and arrange for professional personnel to answer your questions.