How To Replace The Fuel Filter Element?

Release Time: 2024-04-24
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The fuel filter element is used to filter and eliminate impurities in the fuel. It can be called an oil-water separator and a diesel filter. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the fuel filter element is generally replaced every 60,000 kilometers. However, if the maintenance method is improper, the wrong method is used, and poor oil is often used, these factors will accelerate the reduction of the life of the fuel filter element, and it needs to be replaced in advance.

The fuel filter adopts filter type filtration. In the earliest gasoline filter elements, there were several types: metal sheet gap type, metal filter type, nylon cloth type, cotton spinning type, etc. Although these filters have good performance and longer service life, they generally have similar problems. First, the filtration efficiency of the filter element is low and the impurities cannot be filtered well. Then, the structure of the filter element is relatively complex, the cost is high, and maintenance is inconvenient. There are many shortcomings.


To replace the filter element, we need to understand the following steps to facilitate our better and faster replacement. First of all, you must make preparations and prepare the tools and materials used to replace the fuel filter element. Materials include wrenches, replacement filters, oil leak pans, rubber gloves, clean cloths, etc. Next, find the location of the fuel filter element based on the equipment and specific location. Generally speaking, the fuel filter element is located near the engine or fuel tank of the equipment.

After finding it, use a wrench to remove the fuel filter element, being careful not to dirty the parts around the equipment. The next step is to place the oil leakage pan under the filter element. The reason for this is to allow the oil to come out. If there is still liquid left in the removed filter element, wipe it clean with a clean cloth. If the filter element is very dirty, you can clean it with clean water. Be careful not to use detergent.


Next, install the new fuel filter element to the corresponding position. Be sure to pay attention to the installation direction and the position of the sealing ring. Reassemble the fuel filter in the correct reverse order, and be sure to ensure the sealing performance of the sealing ring. After the replacement is completed, fill the fuel to the specified standard, then start the engine and check whether there is any leakage of fuel.


Finally, replacing the fuel filter element is a relatively simple maintenance task, but there are many small details that need to be paid attention to. If you are not familiar with the operation, it is recommended to ask a professional or go to an after-sales point for replacement.