Filtration Of Liquid Filter Bag Clogging Causes

Release Time: 2024-05-22
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In the industrial industry, we usually call the filter bag that is used for filtering liquids, as liquid filter bag. This kind of filter liquid filter bag can filter general industrial liquid. For example, electroplating E / D paint, ink, paint, food and other various chemical liquids.

However, the accessory filter bag will be clogged during the use of the phenomenon. So, what is the reason for this? I believe this is a question that everyone wants to know. Next, we will take a look at the relevant introduction of this issue.

Filtration of liquid filter bag clogging reasons are mainly manifested in four aspects. First of all, the first is too much water caused by one of the most important reasons for the clogging of the filter liquid filter bag; the cause of the filter bag contains more water is usually condensation occurs at low temperatures, especially in high temperature treatment.

The second problem is air infiltration, which often occurs in the flange of the dust collector, the access door or the movable device of the dust collector equipment. If the bag filter seal is not tight, the outside air will enter into the dust collector, when dealing with high temperature flue gas, air into the dust collector will produce a low-temperature zone, which will lead to low-temperature condensation phenomenon, resulting in corrosion of the dust collector, which will lead to the paste of the filter bag or the occurrence of slate.

The third reason may be that the dust removal conditions of the filter liquid filter bag are not very good, mainly including the frequent cleaning of dust on the bag filter bag, and the time to clean up the dust is too long. Because the number of dust cleaning is too frequent, when the pressure of dust cleaning is too large, it will be easy to make the filter bag fiber tissue loose, which will lead to an increase in fine dust in the flue gas, thus causing the filter bag to be clogged.

The last is the main reason for the clogging of the liquid filter bag is because the filter speed is too high, the dust is too fine, the dust is sticky, the dust cleaning for the filter bag is not good, resulting in condensation, slate phenomenon. If the dust collector operating wind speed exceeds the design standard of the filter liquid filter bag, it is very easy to lead to the fine dust in the flue gas into the interior of the filter bag fiber, resulting in filter bag clogging resistance rises.
The above is about some of the filter liquid filter bag related content introduced, I hope to be able to bring you help.