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Swimming Pool Filter Replacement

Pool filters used for comfortable use, cleaning and safety of the pool undertake the most important task among pool equipment. Pools can only be suitable for use in all seasons thanks to filtration and disinfection processes. Pool cartridge filters are used to remove solid particles from liquids.
Media: Polyester, Polypropylene
Length: 10inch、20inch、30inch、40inch
Diameter: 2.5inch,4.5inch
Custom Made: Available
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Swimming Pool Filter Replacement

Regular cleaning of the dirt in the pool, garbage, dust or leaves coming from outside is very important for human health. Quality filters placed in accordance with the pool drains can easily clean the pollution caused by use or external factors. The most basic task of pool cleaning filters is to allow you to swim in clear water.

Cartridge filters have the ability to filter twice as much dirt and debris compared to sand filters. A large filtration area allows water to pass through the cartridge, removing smaller particles. There may be many options you will encounter when choosing a pool filter. You should focus on the best quality and high performance among them.

Specifications of Swimming Pool Filter Replacement
Product: Swimming pool filter replacement
Media: Polyester,Polypropylene
Length: 10inch 20inch 30inch 40inch
Custom Made: Available
Application of Swimming Pool Filter Replacement
● General water and RO treatment
● Food and beverage
● Acid-base liquid in chemical processing
● Industrial chemicalsand organic solvents
● Processing of sterile water and ultrapure water
● Industrial water and plating liquid
Swimming Pool Filter
Swimming Pool Filter
Swimming Pool Filter
Feature of Swimming Pool Filter Replacement
High water flow means less shells,low turnover rate and larger sewage capacity.
High water flow accepts smaller out shell and less expenditure.
The design of no-inner-core reduces the cost of noise treatment.
It is much faster,easier and safer for renewal with the handmade design.
The swimming pool sand filter can be used in both aqueous and none-aqueous medium by using the material of PET.
The large pleated area can reduce much pressure than other filter elements do and gain the longer working life.
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They are suitable for low, medium and high pressure conditions in marine, mining, construction, agricultural, compressor and oil and gas applications.
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